Inside this month’s issue:

  1. Monthly Memo

  2. Coronavirus Update

  3. March Birthdays

  4. Easter is around the corner

  5. Certificate III in Individual Support

  6. Writing in the Client Journal and Shift Feedback Report

  7. Referral Program

  8. Spreading the word

  9. Enhance Program and Photos

  10. Upcoming Training

  11. Survey Monkey

  12. What’s Hot and What’s Not

  13. Who’s Who in the Office


1. Monthly Memo

Did you know that Australia celebrates Harmony day on the 21st March?  Harmony Day celebrates the diversity and acceptance of other cultures in Australia.  This day also coincides with United Nations International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination.  At Home Instead we will be celebrating Harmony Day on Friday 20th March.  The aim of the day is to start a conversation about heritage, culture and community and we are encouraged to wear orange throughout the week leading up to Harmony Day.  Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations and by wearing orange we are showing our support for cultural diversity and inclusivity in Australia.  I encourage you all to think about talk about and celebrate Harmony Day with your clients, families and friends.

It is concerning that as we celebrate our diversity and global connectedness that we are also confronting the spread of a virus that may impact all of us in some way or other.  Home Instead is taking the spread of the Coronavirus very seriously and I urge you to keep yourself informed and follow all instructions provided to you by the office over the coming weeks.  Please do not hesitate to call the office if you have any questions, concerns or contact with anyone who may have Coronavirus symptoms or has been overseas.  It is critical that we protect you and our clients in whatever way we can.  We will continue to update you with information as the situation changes.

Finally, as we move through March and hopefully start seeing some cooler weather,  Easter is only a month away!  It is not too early to advise us about any Easter holiday plans or if you have more availability to work during the school and or Easter holiday period.  Please let us the office (not your client) know as soon as possible if you are taking holidays.

Thank you and best wishes.



2. Coronavirus update

The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia has increased over the last few days and we will be continuing to monitor this outbreak and follow all government advice and recommendations. Home Instead Senior Care has a duty of care to our Clients and CAREGivers and we request that you adhere to the following advice to ensure you and your clients remain as safe as possible during this time.

Basic preventative measures

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. Using hand sanitizer is a temporary solution until you can wash your hands
  • Use a tissue and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoid close contact with others, such as touching. Maintain at least 1.5 metres distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early

Surgical masks in the community are only helpful in preventing people who have coronavirus disease from spreading it to others.  If you are well, you do not need to wear a surgical mask as there is little evidence supporting the widespread use of surgical masks in healthy people to prevent transmission in public.

Advise your HISC office immediately if you:

  • Have returned from overseas or are planning on travelling overseas
  • Have been in contact with anyone who has recently (last 2 weeks) returned from any of the following countries – China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Indonesia and Mongolia. Please note this list of countries is growing so it is important to keep yourself updated
  • Have been in contact with anyone diagnosed or suspected of having Coronavirus – isolate yourself immediately to prevent it spreading to other people

Advise your HISC office immediately if your client: 

  • Has any symptoms e.g. temperature, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, generally feeling unwell with flu like symptoms
  • Has been overseas in last 2 weeks
  • Has been in contact with anyone diagnosed or suspected of having Coronavirus
  • Have any concerns or require further information about the Coronavirus

For further information

For further information, please contact the numbers below:

  • Coronavirus Health Information Line – call this line if you are seeking information on novel Coronavirus. The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   1800 020 080
  • Healthdirect hotline – call this number to speak to a registered nurse about your health concerns. The hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  1800 022 222

3. March birthdays

Heather Matthews                       1st March

Deborah Errington                       6th March

Ingrid Townsend                          9th March

Debra Cutting                            10th March

Pauline Sorensen                        11th March

Renata Jackson                           12th March

Kim Coppell                               14th March

Sharon Geale                              15th March

Wendy Preston                          15th March

Cheryl Wilson                            17th March

Kate Lewis                                  21st March

Lynette Benson                          26th March

Elda Newbury                            29th March

4.Easter is around the corner

The following days are a public holiday – Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th, Monday 13th of April.  Then we have ANZAC day on Saturday 25th of April!

Please ensure all leave is emailed in to as soon as possible.

Many clients will still have their regular services even on public holidays so please ensure you attend all services unless you have received a cancellation from the office.


5. Certificate III in Individual Support

Have you considered doing your Certificate III in Individual Support?  I am holding two information sessions for any CAREGivers who may be interested.

Current course is $450 via our RPL process, payment is not required until the end.

Monday 23rd March     10.30 am to 11.30 am

Tuesday 24th March    1.30 pm to 2.30 pm

RSVP is essential


6. Writing in the Client Journal and Shift Feedback Report

Good record keeping / documentation is an important aspect of providing quality care.

An accurate written record detailing all aspects of the clients changing needs is important, not only because it forms an integral part of the provision of care and it also contributes to the circulation of information amongst  different CAREGivers and the Office involved in the clients care.

In a legal sense, documentation and record keeping is also there for the protection of the Client, CAREGiver and Organisation.

A well-kept record can protect us in instances where the legal defence of their actions is required.  Documentation also shows a level of professionalism.

If you are struggling to know what to write, consider these prompts and suggestions.



If I see it, I report it

If I smell it, I report it

If I hear it, I report it

If I touch it, I report it


Here are some suggestions.  Instead of writing (Was) consider (Now):

All Shift Feedback Reports are read by the Care Managers the following day.  Your documentation informs the office and shows trends of change in the client.


7. Referral Program

We are trying to finalise the Referral payments.  Have you referred a CAREGiver who has taken up employment and done 50 hours of service or more?  Do we know about it?  Drop an email to and let us know who you have referred.


8. Spreading the word

Word of mouth is a traditional method of spreading news about a business or employment opportunity.  It is a personal style and involves us informing family and friends of experiences with Home Instead Senior Care.

By spreading the word maybe, we can achieve more clients in your suburb.  When you are talking with your Doctor mention our name or maybe you are more comfortable letting us know the name of the Dr’s Surgery and a contact number so we will follow up.

We are currently marketing to Doctors and Allied Health in the following suburbs:

  • New Farm




  • Chermside

    Everton Park

    The Gap


  • Kenmore


9. Enhance Program and Photos

Thank you for all your Enhance Photos and for all you are doing in this space.


Through your efforts we have enhanced the lives of clients by:

  • Out and about in the parks and gardens, feeding the ducks
  • In an outdoor café enjoying a cappuccino
  • Smiling, enjoying life and the company of great CAREGivers
  • Visiting and walking parts of Walkabout Creek

Keep the photos coming….


10. Upcoming Training

Is there a specific topic of training you would like to complete?  Email with your request or suggestion.


11. Survey Monkey

The CAREGiver Engagement and Training Survey has been released by email.  We are very keen to hear your thoughts.

Try to blow my mind with how many of you reply!


12. What’s Hot and What’s Not

HOT: CAREGivers trying overnight services for the first time and liking it!

NOT: There is a trend of not Clocking in on time…. ooops.  This increases the chance of pay being incorrect.

HOT:  CAREGivers using redirection techniques with great affect.  Clients are contacting the office; CAREGivers know that we will support them great win-win outcome


13. Who’s Who in the Office

Franchise Owners: Martin & Sarah Warner

Business Manager: Melinda Emery

Care Services Managers: Bianca Evans and Amy Cowdroy

Client Services Manager: Megan Collier

Team Leader, Client Services: Ameeta Kumar

Client Services Coordinators: Sylwia Otawa, Chelsea Laity, Emily Searchfield

People Co-ordinator: Mary Ball

CAREGiver Recruiter: Sonia Jacobs

Finance and Operations Analyst: Rod Kilpatrick

Aged Care Trainer: Corinne Zander


The Office Number is 3720 8400 or email

Please note that office emails are only read and responded to during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm).  If you have an important urgent matter, please call the office number as this is answered 24hrs 7 days per week.