Providing freedom to those living with Parkinson’s

Mobility issues, tremor, and stooping or hunching over are just some of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease that mean a loss of independence, particularly where trips outside the home are concerned. Our CAREGiving team can provide some freedom to those with Parkinson’s Disease by supporting them to go on social outings, shopping and medical appointments and giving clients the opportunity to forget about Parkinson’s for a while. This companionship also provides family carers with the same opportunity, providing them with time to look after themselves for a change.

Talk to one of our Care Managers today about your situation and we will organise a plan, even if 24-hour care is needed.

Bob’s Care Story

“I just forget about the Parkinson’s and keep on keeping on. I keep fit and we go for walks every day.”

Bob is about to celebrate his 75th birthday but has no plans to slow down – exactly the opposite! Bob has just resumed his beloved golfing habit and is back hitting golf balls twice a week with a little help from his new Home Instead CAREGiver, Janine.

Two years on from his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis,  Bob and his wife, Liz, were beginning to wonder what life would be like with a little bit of help. They made some enquiries with Home Instead in Auckland and now Janine takes Bob out twice a week.

As Bob’s main carer, this has given Liz the freedom  to have some much-needed time to herself, which she says has been a wonderful.



Here is Bob’s story:

“Life’s pretty normal for me, to be honest.”

“I’m fortunate in that I only have to take a few pills, so at this stage I don’t have too much trouble. I have a lovely carer in Janine, and she’s been helping me get to the golfing range and the golf course twice a week. It’s great.

“We do nine holes, and Janine is my caddy if you like. I really enjoy it because I’ve always liked playing golf.

“I had a stroke three years ago and I find it difficult to walk on my own, but Janine helps me get out and about. She’s prepared to do anything, really.

“She comes with the car and she takes me to the driving range. I’ve lost quite a bit of sight, but I just ask Janine, ‘Was it straight? Was it to the right or the left?’

“She gives me the guidance I need and I can’t ask for much more than that. I really enjoy playing golf.

“Janine is a very, very nice person. She takes me to the barber. I don’t make life very easy for my wife, Liz, so it’s nice that she can have a break. It works well all around.

“We live in an area of Auckland where everything is pretty close. So Janine and I go for walks to my medical appointments and we sometimes have lunch out.

“Life is very, very good. Home Instead has been excellent as far as I’m concerned. We didn’t want to look at any other options because I want to stay living at home.

“We just need a little bit of assistance and it’s working well.”

Here is Liz’s story:

“I just think it’s ideal because Bob doesn’t need to go into care.”

 “Having a little bit of help from Home Instead is a good arrangement for us at the moment and a little break helps me cope.

“Our sons say ‘Oh, we’ll help’, but things crop up. Now, when Janine comes to look after Bob twice a week, I can make an appointment for something I need and know I’ll get it done.

“Janine is a great help. We just feel comfortable with her. I feel comfortable having her in our home, and that’s important.

“Bob had a stroke three years ago and has lost quite a lot of his eyesight, so I need to know he’s being looked after by someone I can trust.

“It’s good that Bob is back playing golf. He’s been playing golf for 10 or 15 years and he really enjoys it.

“We would recommend to anyone in a similar situation to us to try this idea of home care through Home Instead. For us, it’s been wonderful.”