Hospital to Home

A smooth transition from hospital to home to help get you on your road to recovery.

To help you recover and regain your physical independence sooner following a hospital stay, Home Instead provides short-term and ongoing transition care services to support you in your full recovery.

Being able to finally leave the hospital and return home is comforting, however, this is also a critical turning point in your recovery process. During this recovery process, you may find yourself experiencing difficulty with simple activities of daily living or find that you face unforeseen challenges around the home.

From potential mistakes made in taking your medications, missing follow-up medical appointments, wound care, to poor nutrition, dehydration or lack of safety preparation in the home – these are all potential setbacks that can lead to a readmission back to hospital.

How Home Instead can help

There are a number of services our CAREGivers can provide to help you get from hospital to home safely and support you on your transition to a full recovery.

Hospital discharge and coordination

Our CAREGivers will work with you and your hospital discharge planning staff to create a detailed plan of care. Once developed, the care plan will be used by your family and/or our CAREGivers to ensure you are on the road to a smooth and successful recovery.

Transport to and from hospital and home

A Home Instead CAREGiver will personally assist you from your hospital bed to the comfort of your own home and help you unpack, and comfortably settle back in. We will also keep track of all of your follow-up medical appointments and personally drive you to your appointments or arrange transport for you.

Medication supervision

Our CAREGivers will not only help you stay organised with when and how to take your medication, but they will also help you avoid any adverse effects or complications  by keeping a close monitor to any reactions you may experience.

Light housekeeping

Simple tasks such as changing your bed linen or doing the laundry can be physically impossible when you are first discharged from hospital. Allow one of our CAREGivers to help ensure your bed is made and you have clean sheets, towels and a tidy house while you focus on your recovery.

Nutrition management

Often, after a visit to the hospital, our taste buds and appetite can take a while to recover.  Our CAREGivers can assist you with meal planning, shopping, preparation and cooking to ensure you are eating plenty of wholesome, nutritious foods and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Record keeping

Our CAREGivers are trained to record specific information on your post-discharge care and recovery. Keeping a record of your transition care and recovery progress is important. So that you are able to share it with your doctor as an update, if necessary.

Hospital to Home Safely Package

We understand the support and care needed to bridge the gap between being discharged from hospital, returning home safely and staying there.

After talking to our clients and taking on relevant feedback, we have launched our Hospital to Home Safely Package.

With no contracts or commitments, you can feel at ease and rest assured that your transition from hospital to home is safe and smooth, and all the care and support you need is provided for a full recovery.

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